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Marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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1173626 how one man went from average to athlete you can do it too  article

How One Man Went from Average to Athlete (You Can Do It, Too!)

The first installment on a journey to everlasting health and wellness with MyFitnessPal.

1173632 average to athlete pitfalls plateaus success  article

Average to Athlete: Pitfalls, Plateaus & Success!

What happens when you fall off the fitness wagon or hit a brick wall?

Dollarphotoclub 21335491 960x640 article

What to Do When the Scale Won't Budge

You worked your tail off, ate well, and has a great week. You hopped on the scale and it didn't budge, now what?

1173627 average to athlete i m not perfect so what  article

Average to Athlete: I'm Not Perfect. So What?!

Learning to accept less than perfection can help you move forward along your health journey.

Myfitnesspal problem with skinny article

Average to Athlete: The Problem With “Skinny” (& How to Set Healthy Goals)

There I was in Europe with my athlete buddy and his personal trainer, making a life decision. I was the subject of a personal health intervention, and trust me it wasn’t any fun. It was made worse ......

Dollarphotoclub 54425679 article

5 Tricks that Kept Me Healthy When I Was Broke

I recently made a career shift that resulted in a new full-time job, but, during the transition, there was a time when I had no income—or any money at all for that matter. Aside from being more tha......

Jacob control fitness destiny article

4 Tips to Control Your Fitness Destiny

I promote reality... and humans are a mixed bag. Our perception of underweight and overweight differ. Our perception of strength and weakness differ. Our perception of beauty and perfection differ.......

Dollarphotoclub 70301317 article

How to Set Exercise Goals You'll Actually Achieve

Sometimes even the most active and healthy people can occasionally have slip ups or struggle through periods where they lose sight of their exercise motivation. Whether it’s due to an injury, life ......