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Jacob Warwick

Founder of ThinkWarwick

Marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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What the Fitness App Craze is All About (And Why You Should Care)

With the recent explosion in mobile technology over the past decade, never before have expert tools been so readily available for the average consumer. Basically, to get the sort of feedback that we now have access to, you’d need be a high profile professional athlete, an expert in fitness, or a graduate with a nutrition background—but this is no longer the case.

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4 Habits of Healthy People

Learning about the common habits of healthy people can be a particularly motivational experience, even for people who are already living an active lifestyle. Sometimes these extra reminders can be just the boost that we need to get back on track or even encourage us to continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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How to Set Exercise Goals You'll Actually Achieve

Sometimes even the most active and healthy people can occasionally have slip ups or struggle through periods where they lose sight of their exercise motivation. Whether it’s due to an injury, life becomes too busy, or a variety of other reasons, losing your drive can be extremely frustrating.