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Cmo discussion article

What Startups Are Looking For In CMOs

2016 saw the second consecutive increase in startup and entrepreneurship growth trends. As more startups secure outside funding, pressure on limited partners to meet their exit strategy goals has increased.

This stress has transferred to startup founders who now seek marketing executives who can match their evolving expectations.

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Three Steps for Crafting More-Personalized and Better-Performing Content

Most content marketers strive to create content that not only speaks directly to their target audience but also compels that audience to take desirable actions with the marketer's business or brand.

That sounds terrific in theory, but producing such content is easier said than done; there simply isn't a template or solution that works for every business.

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The Best Technology Tools for Content Marketing

The rate of content creation is growing exponentially year over year and content marketers now face more competition than ever before. Media publishers, other organizations and even industry professionals are competing for your audience’s time and attention, even though they may not be direct sales competition.

How a minimalist content strategy earns you more with less article

How a Minimalist Content Strategy Earns You More with Less

In December of 2016, an average of over two million blog posts were created each day on the WordPress platform alone. 10 years ago, that number was approximately 60,000 a day.

Let that sink in for a moment. That’s a heck of a lot of content scaling exponentially with our tech-obsessed society. When you consider that much of this content is not original, lacks deep thought, or is entirely irrelevant and filled with self-promotion, that number can become aggravating and is considered in the marketing industry to be “noise.”

Tools of trade article

2017 Budget Friendly Tools and Tips to Organize Your Content

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of tools, platforms, and outside resources that can help you improve your content marketing efforts. The challenge is understanding which tools you need, the appropriate time to fight for them, and how well they all play together to help you create quality content on a consistent basis.

While the shiny all-in-one solution or well-respected and acclaimed content agency may look like the ultimate solution on paper—perhaps you only need to create two to three blog posts per week and a quarterly e-book, whitepaper, or webinar.

Office interview article

Why You Should Hire Marketers With Strong Industry Relationships ...

Whether naturally empathetic and gifted in communication or fostered through years of experience, or a perhaps combination of both, it’s safe to say that there are talented marketing professionals available in every industry, across every vertical, and at every stage on the org chart.

With today’s marketing landscape as diverse, distributed, and competitive as ever, when hiring and vetting marketing candidates, it’s important for organizations to identify key traits that separate the average marketer from an all-star performer.

Where should content marketers turn when hiring new resources article

Where Should Content Marketers Turn When Hiring New Resources?

If you’ve made the decision to increase your content marketing efforts, improve your overall campaign performance, or fill gaps in your current content processes, there seems to be no shortage of solutions. You could hire internal specialists, work closely with a consultant, batch together a mix of freelancers, off-load everything to a professional agency, or, if you’re like most marketing teams, manage some combination of them all.

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The Hands-on Method to Competitive Content Analysis

Content marketers who understand the competitive landscape are better prepared to create innovative content that drives business goals.

Although competitive analysis is an essential factor in determining your content strategy, it can be a challenge to find the time to roll up your sleeves and do the research.

This leaves some marketing teams bypassing the step entirely, while others outsource the process to an agency or consultant in the form of a keyword research document, a competitive content audit deliverable, or through ongoing consultation.

Flatout 100 slow slow in ireland article

How To Slow Your Content Marketing to Move Forward

As we near 2017, marketers have to juggle more than ever. With quickly evolving content trends, hundreds of content and social media tools to evaluate, the delicate balance of internal and external resources, and many other competing interests—content marketing can get overwhelmingly complex.

For some marketers muddled in the industry, frustrations are running high and patience is running low; however, others are beginning to follow a trend towards slowing down.

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The Smarter Way to Humanize Your Company's Use of Twitter

Providing the appropriate voice for your brand on Twitter can be a challenge for many content strategists to navigate, especially when your tweets are under constant scrutiny from your audience. This can become even more difficult for larger corporations when their Twitter content needs to be approved by legal departments before publishing.

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How to Humanize Your Brand to Improve the Customer Buyer Journey

In a marketing world full of B2B, B2C, KPI, ROI, and buzzwords galore, it can be difficult to remember that what we’re working toward is a human connection with our customers. Marketers connect people to products that improve their lives, solutions that simplify their business, or ideas that simply make them feel good.

If you’re looking to improve your customer buyer journey, you need to examine the many ways a person can interact with your brand. Then use this information to add a more human element to your brand and create a more personalized experience with your company. This post shows you how.

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Scale Your Content Marketing Effectively With These Tips

Content marketing professionals understand the amount of time and effort that can go into planning, creating, and promoting content. A single article can take weeks or even months to move from ideation to publication—and the complexity of moving processes can often cause frustrating delays.

Successful content marketing can be inherently difficult to increase in scale. Learn how better managing your resources, developing more efficient processes and concentrating on quality control can help you improve your content efforts at a larger scale.

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The #1 Question to Ask Before Launching a Co-Branding Partnership

For businesses looking to reach new and relevant audiences and maximize their promotion efforts, a co-branding partnership could be the ideal opportunity. This kind of partnership can amplify brand awareness, boost audience sentiment and improve your content promotion and advertising efforts. Check out this HubSpot post to see some examples of successful co-branding partnerships.

But how do you get this process started? This post shows you how to prepare for a co-branding relationship and how to identify and reach out to a potential branding partner.

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3 Steps to Attract Professional Mentors (& My Personal Mentor List)

Back in September, LinkedIn took a moment to raise awareness about how mentors can positively affect your life. A brief popup invaded the LinkedIn login page and prompted users to nominate and thank a mentor in their life—and this got me thinking, “I’d quite literally be nothing without the ongoing guidance of my many mentors, experts, friends, and supporters.”

3 ways to write more persuasive content article

3 Fundamental Ways to Write More Persuasive Content

In the 4th century BC, Aristotle’s Rhetoric theorized about three fundamental elements of persuasion: ethos, logos, and pathos.

The first kind depends on the personal character of the speaker (ethos), the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind (pathos), the third on the proof (or apparent proof) provided by the words of the speech itself (logos).