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Marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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How to Scale Your Content Creation Using Freelance Writers

With the rise of the freelance economy, companies now have more content creation options. As this trend grows, the complexity of finding high-quality writers also grows — meaning more headaches for content managers to navigate.

Learn how to better scale your content creation efforts by experimenting with several writers, setting clear expectations and negotiating long-term partnerships.

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The Hands-on Method to Competitive Content Analysis

Content marketers who understand the competitive landscape are better prepared to create innovative content that drives business goals.

Although competitive analysis is an essential factor in determining your content strategy, it can be a challenge to find the time to roll up your sleeves and do the research.

This leaves some marketing teams bypassing the step entirely, while others outsource the process to an agency or consultant in the form of a keyword research document, a competitive content audit deliverable, or through ongoing consultation.

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How to Humanize Your Brand to Improve the Customer Buyer Journey

In a marketing world full of B2B, B2C, KPI, ROI, and buzzwords galore, it can be difficult to remember that what we’re working toward is a human connection with our customers. Marketers connect people to products that improve their lives, solutions that simplify their business, or ideas that simply make them feel good.

If you’re looking to improve your customer buyer journey, you need to examine the many ways a person can interact with your brand. Then use this information to add a more human element to your brand and create a more personalized experience with your company. This post shows you how.

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The #1 Question to Ask Before Launching a Co-Branding Partnership

For businesses looking to reach new and relevant audiences and maximize their promotion efforts, a co-branding partnership could be the ideal opportunity. This kind of partnership can amplify brand awareness, boost audience sentiment and improve your content promotion and advertising efforts. Check out this HubSpot post to see some examples of successful co-branding partnerships.

But how do you get this process started? This post shows you how to prepare for a co-branding relationship and how to identify and reach out to a potential branding partner.

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The 5 Types of Content Marketing Metrics You Need to Know ...

The blog is the cornerstone of a solid content marketing strategy. In fact, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI, HubSpot reports. What does it take to create and manage a successful blog? Learn the five key factors that define the best blogs and how you can emulate their success.