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Jacob Warwick

Founder of ThinkWarwick

Marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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3 Steps to Attract Professional Mentors (& My Personal Mentor List)

Back in September, LinkedIn took a moment to raise awareness about how mentors can positively affect your life. A brief popup invaded the LinkedIn login page and prompted users to nominate and thank a mentor in their life—and this got me thinking, “I’d quite literally be nothing without the ongoing guidance of my many mentors, experts, friends, and supporters.”

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Finding Opportunity in Disappointment - The Belgium Complex

Just 3 days prior to the 2014 Belgium Grand Prix, the Marussa F1 team made a shocking announcement. American reserve driver Alexander Rossi would replace British driver Max Chilton, becoming the first American to compete in the prestigious racing organization in over 7 years.

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Leveraging Personal Brands to Expedite Business Growth

A well maintained brand is vital in telling the story of your product, culture, and team. This social footprint acts as a top-of-funnel resource for consumers to discover what you have to offer and ultimately begin their process to becoming a customer.

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Building Loyalty: The Analytics of Tacos

What can ignoring a taco stand teach you about customer loyalty?

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Social Challenge – Power Down & Log Off

Start turning your phone off for better health. Can you rise to the challenge?

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10 Things The Healthiest People Do Everyday

These 10 must-dos will help you live a happier, healthier, and more successful life — starting today.

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Fear + Courage = Success

Learning to accept fear can be your first step in learning to become successful.

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7 Tips While Evaluating "You" – Online Personal Branding

Are you committing career suicide with your online presence?