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Marketing professional with a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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Scrappy content article

The Scrappy Guide To Promoting Visual Content In 2017

It’s no surprise that content marketers are planning to invest more on visual content. A recent survey by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute suggests that 51% of B2B marketers intend to increase their visual content efforts.

While the general marketing consensus tends to agree that visual content is more eye-catching and engaging, the problem is that it can be difficult and expensive to create. Additionally, the challenge of promoting your visual content investment can add stress to your daily routine.

Card purchase article

3 Steps Before Purchasing a Marketing Tool

Whether it’s content production, distribution, measurement, some form of strategic guidance, or a combination of it all, it seems that there is always a new marketing tool that promises to solve your current and ongoing marketing challenges.

It can be tempting to add new tools to your marketing process or blame any current marketing deficiencies on a lack of access to a sophisticated toolset; however, the truth is that it’s difficult to find software that perfectly aligns with your business need—even when you have the resources to do so.

Tools of trade article

2017 Budget Friendly Tools and Tips to Organize Your Content

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of tools, platforms, and outside resources that can help you improve your content marketing efforts. The challenge is understanding which tools you need, the appropriate time to fight for them, and how well they all play together to help you create quality content on a consistent basis.

While the shiny all-in-one solution or well-respected and acclaimed content agency may look like the ultimate solution on paper—perhaps you only need to create two to three blog posts per week and a quarterly e-book, whitepaper, or webinar.

Office interview article

Why You Should Hire Marketers With Strong Industry Relationships ...

Whether naturally empathetic and gifted in communication or fostered through years of experience, or a perhaps combination of both, it’s safe to say that there are talented marketing professionals available in every industry, across every vertical, and at every stage on the org chart.

With today’s marketing landscape as diverse, distributed, and competitive as ever, when hiring and vetting marketing candidates, it’s important for organizations to identify key traits that separate the average marketer from an all-star performer.

Flatout 100 slow slow in ireland article

How To Slow Your Content Marketing to Move Forward

As we near 2017, marketers have to juggle more than ever. With quickly evolving content trends, hundreds of content and social media tools to evaluate, the delicate balance of internal and external resources, and many other competing interests—content marketing can get overwhelmingly complex.

For some marketers muddled in the industry, frustrations are running high and patience is running low; however, others are beginning to follow a trend towards slowing down.

Aaeaaqaaaaaaaajfaaaajdk1n2i4nmezlwrhymutndvinc04ndkyltmyndkxzdyyzgrmng article

Scale Your Content Marketing Effectively With These Tips

Content marketing professionals understand the amount of time and effort that can go into planning, creating, and promoting content. A single article can take weeks or even months to move from ideation to publication—and the complexity of moving processes can often cause frustrating delays.

Successful content marketing can be inherently difficult to increase in scale. Learn how better managing your resources, developing more efficient processes and concentrating on quality control can help you improve your content efforts at a larger scale.